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Verizon - The new Unlimited

 Verizon - The new Unlimited

Role: copy lead, UX copywriter, creative copywriter, creative

In June 2018, Verizon was the first carrier to launch a unique suite of unlimited plans that customers could apply to individual phone lines on their account, giving them the opportunity to pick the right plan for each person oppose to having one and the same plan for everyone. For the launch of these line level plans I worked on two separate briefs, one to seamlessly integrate the upgrade experience into the My Verizon App (MVA) and the second to create the marketing landing page on

Breaking the mental model

The biggest challenge while designing and writing for MVA, was to break the customer’s mental model: instead of simply picking one plan for the whole account, they now had the opportunity to pick plans that best suit the needs of each individual. I closely collaborated with three UX designers on the project to ensure a comprehensive, seamless experience. After rounds of user testing we settled for a guided approach, allowing users to discover the new plans, compare them to their current plan and pick what’s right for each line in a step-by-step upgrade process. In a matter of only 2 months, we designed over 500 screens to account for a multitude of user journeys, from simply upgrading to new plans to adding lines and forced upgrade. 

The marketing landing page

After delivering the MVA experience, we switched gears to designing the marketing landing page for these new plans on Though the team was quite familiar with the concept of these plans, the main goal of the landing page was to convert prospective customers, giving us a completely different audience than the one we designed for in MVA. With this in mind, we kicked off our 3 week sprint with an extensive connecting phase, trying to strike the right balance between educating, exciting and showing the benefits of switching to Verizon, a carrier that has a reputation of being more expensive than its competitors. 

One family. Different Unlimited plans.

The final landing page consists of six unique modules, ranging from static text to educate, video vignettes to bring the new plans to live and an interactive plan recommender that helps customers find the right plan for each line. 

Voice and tone

After writing for MVA for 2 months, my biggest challenge was to transform the functional and utilitarian tone that was used for MVA into a more exciting and educational one for the landing page. On top of that, I was responsible for seamlessly integrate the marketing messaging that was developed by another agency for the above the line campaign into the landing page. In a matter of only 3 weeks we managed to deliver the landing page that became the main hub for all the above the line and out of home advertising.