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Verizon Up

Verizon Up

Role: copy lead, UX copywriter, creative

Like many other phone carriers today, Verizon deals with high customer turnover and negative brand perception. In an effort to turn the tide, the brand established its own unique loyalty program; Verizon Up. The program is designed to drive customer engagement, increase retention and create positive customer interactions. With a highly curated selection of entertainment and lifestyle experiences, personalized rewards and unique Verizon perks, the carrier managed to create a sense of value beyond the network.

In close collaboration with UX and design, we went from brief to MVP delivery in just four months. The brief was to design the experience from start to finish and to seamlessly integrate Up with the My Verizon App ecosystem. In addition to working with the team, I also established the program’s unique tone of voice. Instead of copying the app’s straightforward, action-oriented language, we injected personality into the program by opting for a more casual, tongue-in-cheek tone.

In the first month after the launch in August 2017, 1.25 million users had already enrolled in Verizon Up. Together they claimed a total of 303.000 rewards and 25% of these rewards were redeemed in the same month. And with 26% of customers from the pervious loyalty program enrolled, Verizon Up delivered on all goals.

Let’s get you in on Up

The learn and enroll sequence educates and excites the user about Verizon’s new loyalty program. After a brief introduction, laying out the basic rules and mechanics for the program, and showcasing the breadth of the rewards, the user seamlessly enrolls into the program.

Got your eye on something you like?

The simplicity of the mechanics of the program is reflected in its interface. The user navigates through the experience in three simple tabs: Choose, Use and Track. Choose is the home to all the excitement, displaying the user’s monthly changing rewards, special messaging and offers in the flex module and a countdown to the drop of Super Tickets at the bottom. Super Tickets drop in a limited quantity and offer the user a chance to attend exclusive performances, sporting events and lifestyle experiences.

1 credit = 1 reward

When users have a credit available, they can claim their desired reward in a few simple steps. By carefully monitoring their preferences, Verizon aims to tailor the monthly offering to the user’s interest, evoking a sense of personalization to increase engagement with the program.

Get more with every bill

Track shows the user a running total of their credits, plus a detailed breakdown of when and how credits are earned. Simplicity is key when it comes to earning credits: users receive a credit for every $300 they spend on their wireless bills. And one credit equals one reward, from Verizon’s own to the highly desirable Super Tickets.

Up next

Post-MVP features and enhancements are likely to be rolled out in Q3 of 2018. The main focus of these features is to further personalize the Verizon Up experience and gamify parts of the experience to increase engagement and return visits.

Cover photo by Raffy on Unsplash